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Your Bible study questions answered! – Hf #116

Learning how to dive deeper into God's Word doesn't happen by accident. It takes work, discipline, and a willingness to invest that time in the Lord. 

Last week on the podcast, we covered going deeper with Bible study when you have no time. Today we are going to be continuing that conversation with a Q&A time. We cover a ton of fabulous topics today, so tune in!! 

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Bible Study Q&A:
"Do you have a list of books you read, in order, if doing the book a month study?" - Elise
Elise is referring to my simple Bible reading plan that Jason and I have been following for a few years now. With this plan, we read the same book of the Bible everyday for 30 days. See the link above for a full explanation of the plan. 

But to answer Elsie's question: I don't. We just alternate between a big book and a little book. It's not that hard. When you get to the next month, just pick one! So I don't have a list for you, but don't make it overly complicated ;) 
"How long do you devote to quiet times vs general study times or are they the same?" - Jennifer
I think our culture has done a bit of a disservice surrounding our Bible study time with all our different lingo: "quiet time, devotional, Bible study, etc". It can be confusing as to what we are supposed to be doing! 

To answer this question, we have to first ask the questions "What is the purpose" and "Why do we study the Bible?" We must first recognize why we study, why we spend "quiet time" with God. Ultimately, we study God's Word to know him more. We want to learn his character, his commands, his love, and what he excepts of his disciples. We study God's Word because he commands us to and we want to learn more about our creator, to love Him more. 

When we approach it from that standpoint, we can more easily see that all of these things tie together - our bible study time, devotionals, etc. But the unifier is: We need to be in God's Word. Other books, devotionals, sermons and podcasts can be helpful in our knowledge of God. I know I have been mentored from afar from hundreds of books, but God's Word still needs to remain the core. 

So whatever you call it: other books, especially devotionals, shouldn't be the meat of what we study, God's word directly should be. 

Breadth versus depth: there are times for both in our study. Sometimes we read through entires books at a time, sometimes we hunker down and study one single passage. 

If you have never done so before, I highly recommend you: Read through the entire the Bible. Go through Genesis to Revelation. This gives you a good overview of the Bible. Then go through studies where you learn to study God's Word on your own. Katie Orr and Jen Wilkin's studies are both ones that do this wonderfully. 


Katie Orr's newest study on Philippians
Jen Wilkin's newest study on Genesis
Podcast by Katie: How much time should I spend when I study my Bible? <--- this is GREAT to listen through! 

"What are some ways you suggest to memorize scripture?" - Stacey
There is no way around it - memorizing Scripture is hard work. It's easier for some of us, and very hard for others. Jason memorizes scripture very easily. It takes me a lot more work, especially in this season of young kids. 

My preffered method is to use Scripture memory cards. You can just write them out on 3x5 cards. Or use the Scripture memoruy cards we have in our store to just print off and go! 

Another method is to write out Scripture. Take a piece of paper, and write out Scripture over and over again. After a while,

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