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154: 5 Tips to Improve Your Food Photography with Rachel Korinek

The subtleties of still life photography, the importance of textures, and how to layer with Rachel Korinek.


Welcome to episode 154 of the Food Blogger Pro podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork chat with Rachel Korinek from Two Loves Studio about improving your food photography with five powerful tips.

5 Tips to Improve Your Food Photography

Spend five seconds on Rachel’s photography site, Two Loves Studio, and you’ll know that she knows photography.

Rachel understands the important role food photography plays in the growth of any kind of food-based business. The saying, “Eat with your eyes” is much more true when your colors look real-to-life, your composition is authentic, and your prop choices make sense.

From lighting to editing to color theory, Rachel explains these principles in detail on her blog, and she’s here today to share five important tips that can improve your food photography.

In this episode, Rachel shares:

  • Why still life photography is difficult
  • What a food stylist does
  • Why it’s helpful to work with a team
  • Why textured backgrounds are helpful
  • How to capture shadows
  • What negative fill is and how to work with diffused light
  • Why layering is important in still life photography
  • What color theory is
  • The tools she recommends to have on hand


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2018-06-12 08:00:00 UTC

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