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142: How to Fix 5 Common Blogging Tech Mistakes with Andrew Wilder

How to choose a hosting plan, why SSL is important, and how to optimize your images with Andrew Wilder.


Welcome to episode 142 of the Food Blogger Pro podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork talks with Andrew Wilder about the top five tech mistakes he sees on food blogs.

How to Fix 5 Common Blogging Tech Mistakes

The first time our Site Speed Expert, Andrew, was on the podcast, he chatted all about best practices for securing your website.

Now he’s back to talk about five of the most common tech mistakes he sees on blogs.

Between choosing the right hosting to optimizing images, there are a lot of tech decisions to make about your blog. Andrew’s advice will make you a lot more confident to make those decisions. Enjoy!

In this episode, Andrew shares:

  • What he does at Blog Tutor
  • Why good hosting is important for food blogger
  • The difference between popular types of hosting plans
  • How you can tell if you have good hosting
  • How big your images should be and why you should be optimizing
  • What a fully enhanced recipe rich card is
  • What an SSL certificate is


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2018-03-20 08:00:00 UTC

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