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Talking to cat people because we can't talk to their cats. A cat podcast hosted by Sara Iyer & Steven Ray Morris. Every Wednesday. Theme song by Analise Nelson and Dax Schaffer Artwork by Jillian Yoffe

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148 - Jack Packard - The Bean Business

On episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT of The Purrrcast, Sara and Steven get Red Letter Media’s Jack Packard on the phone to chat cats! He shares the origins of the God Of War video starring his cat Biscuit, all of Biscuit’s habits, we talk about The Aristocats, and more. The Purrrcast, talking to cat people because we can't talk to their cats.

The Purrrcast is the cat podcast for you and your feline friends. Based in Los Angeles, hosts Sara Iyer and Steven Ray Morris chat with fellow cat enthusiasts about the furry little creatures they love. Not sure how the cats feel about it though.

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