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Whether through a telescope, microscope, or stethoscope, we have been trying to understand ourselves and others for as long as any of us can remember or the history books have recorded. In the past century and a half there has been a massive collection of information from numerous sources, comprising what we now refer to as psychology. Yet, even though we have so much information, the general awareness or use of this technology is very limited. Or worse yet, we think we “know” more than we really do. Michael McClendon, PsyD (an honest to goodness shrink) plays host to topical experts who will help us dig into the data and make sense of the rich knowledge base that does exist, and how we can put that information to use. Moreover, Michael has promised to leave the jargon in the classroom and talk about these topics in a way that makes sense and doesn’t require a special glossary of terms.

Michael McClendon
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Episode 33 – Implicit Bias
This week Michael explores the underlying mechanism that might just mean that we everyone is a little bit racist. The Harvard Implicit Attitude Test The Kirwan Institute at Ohio State University Be sure to follow the show on Twitter Like us on Facebook Check us out on Patreon if you would like to support the show All the music […]
2018-01-17 10:00:53 UTC

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