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Scott Alan Turner is a former money moron, living the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, losing $40k in the stock market, and racking up a load of credit card debt. But by age 35, he turned it all around and became a self-made millionaire. In a world of get-rich-quick schemes, biased advice, and financial Pied Pipers, Scott’s authentic, no-holds-bared approach makes it possible for anyone to absolutely rock their personal finances. Scott is on a mad mission to help you get financial independence, ultimate happiness and a life full of awesome experiences. With his rebel style, off-beat humor, and signature life-on-your-own-terms approach, Scott’s inspiring a movement of Financial Rock Stars across the globe.

Scott Alan Turner | A personal finance show that includes FI, cats, Star Trek, grilling tips, and everything else you won’t find on Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard, or Suze Orman
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426: Trump Chicken Towers - Now Open

- A member of Scott's entourage backs out of a house deal. Listen to what happened and how you can apply the purchasing decisions to your own life.

- Kate asks about the dang fine Instapot recipes Scott is willing to share with everyone.

- Red alert warning - Orenda coffee makers - please don't buy one!

- Morn Deep is trying to make sense of their 401(k) options.

- Michael is starting the think about retirement and asks if it's better to take an early distribution from his pension and collect the money starting at age 55.

- Are you in one of those seasons where your money is going out faster than it's coming in? You're not alone.

- Do you have your emergency rations ready for an alien invasion? Or at least a short emergency.



2018-06-20 07:00:00 UTC

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