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Sunray - 4 - Mike Kropveld, The Cult Whisperer
In this episode, a capstone will be applied to the series covering Kayla 'Sunray' Reid's unusual story by consulting with Mike Kropveld, the world renowned expert on cults, new religious movements, and related phenomenon. Kropveld has been referred to as "the cult whisperer" and the name fits. Mike Kropveld has been intimately involved in the topic of cults after a high profile personal experience in the late 70s. In the years since, both directly and through his nonprofit group Info-Cult, Mike has assisted countless members, former members and families of those affected by the phenomenon. During our conversation, Mike answers the many questions I have about the topic of cults and helps remove some of the mystery the surrounds this controversial and often misunderstood topic. Guest: Mike Kropveld - Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Email: Support the show: Sponsors: Take Advantage of Harry's offer:
2017-06-17 11:00:00 UTC

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