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Five Impact Entrepreneur Fellowships Up for Grabs, with Mary Rick, Impact Hub MSP and FINNovation Lab Collaboration

The Impact Hub Minneapolis - Saint Paul and the FINNovation Lab have teamed up to create a new impact startup incubator. Now they are offering five $50,000 fellowships.

Social Entrepreneurs have a new place to gather. The Impact Hub Minneapolis – Saint Paul (MSP) has teamed up with the FINNovation Lab to occupy a new space at FINNEGANS House in Minneapolis’ East Town District. The Impact Hub MSP will focus on co-working, collaboration, and events. FINNovation Lab is providing venture services for impact entrepreneurs. According to Mary Rick, CEO at FINNovation Lab and Impact Hub MSP Collaboration, “Our mission is to inspire, nourish, and scale inclusive impact enterprises, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.”

The collaboration is off to a fast start. They launched a new FINNovation Fellowship. “What it includes is $50,000 of a living stipend, one year of co-working, and nine months of curated curriculum and mentorship,” Mary explains. “We want to be able to help them at the really, really formative months and years of their business building…We want to give them the resources to make sure they’re kicked off in the right direction.”

The FINNovation Fellowship application period closes on July 15.

Social Entrepreneur Quotes by Mary Rick

“It’s a collaboration between two local organizations.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“Impact Hub is essentially a co-working, event, and community space.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“We are building a one-stop shop for impact for impact entrepreneurs and enterprises.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“The FINNovation Lab is really doing more of the deep dive and robust venture services.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“The Impact Hub has done a tremendous job over the years of having a lot of different dynamic events.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“It is all one global community and we have a lot of different ways to connect.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“We are specifically looking at impact enterprises and impact entrepreneurs.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“We want to be that place where people go to really build their business and they have some sort of social purpose.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“Our first program is our Impact Entrepreneur Fellowship Program.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“We want to give them the resources to make sure they’re kicked off in the right direction.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“We’re industry agnostic.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“We’re looking at both the individual and the idea.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“It will be an individually-focused program, not an organization or team-focused program.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“We aim to start locally and regionally first.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“We think this will be a nationally-recognized program.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“We see ourselves as a business incubator.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“This program is entity-type agnostic. We’re accepting for-profit and nonprofit models.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“We look to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“Impact Hubs globally are focused on the Sustainable Development Goals.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“Jacquie Berglund is the Founder of the FINNovation Lab.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“I just became a really, really curious person.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“I did a year of rural community development work in Kenya.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“That experience was one of the absolute touchstones in my life.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“We students were not sent in to figure anything out or solve anyone else’s problems. We were sent in to learn.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“It was a big starry-eyed project. We ended up closing our doors.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“I was with Peace Coffee for about five years.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“Trust yourself. Get connected. And figure out how to stay inspired.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

“Look for that next in-person experience.” @maryrick @ImpactHubMSP and FINNovation Lab

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