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ESPN's Tim Legler

ESPN’s Tim Legler joins The Woj Pod to discuss James Harden’s MVP season, the Rockets-Warriors matchup, the evolution of the three-point shot in the NBA, Legler’s incredible journey to the NBA, how much more valuable Legler’s shooting talent would be in the modern NBA and his desire and belief that he could succeed as a college basketball coach.

1:19: Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni calling James Harden the best offensive player he has ever seen.

3:15: Harden being in his prime and having his best supporting cast yet.

5:20: The Rockets’ chances against a healthy Warriors team in the playoffs.

7:26: Harden and Chris Paul needing to overcome past playoff failures.

11:00: How Legler’s career might be different if he was playing in the current era.

14:00: The three-point shot being added to college basketball before Legler’s junior season.

15:48: The slow adoption of the three-point line.

19:40: Legler’s career in the basketball minor leagues.

22:33: The limited opportunities in a 10-day contract.

24:43: The USBL being filled with talented players, including the Miami Tropics.

29:48: How important winning the three-point contest in 1996 was for Legler.

34:07: Legler’s interest in a college coaching position and how he has prepared himself to lead a team.

39:48: Would Legler consider taking an assistant job to gain experience?

41:18: Legler’s work ethic being a key part of his candidacy.

2018-03-22 07:06:00 UTC

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