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Honest Money Conversations is a podcast for people who want to change their relationship with money and hear stories from others who have done the same. We're not experts. Sure, we've paid off our debt, saved some money, quit our jobs to work for ourselves, slowed down and embraced minimalism—and we continue to experiment and make changes as time goes on. But we're not experts. We're just two friends who like to talk about life and work, and the role money plays in it all. New episodes are released every Tuesday of a new season, and you can find links to everything we talk about in the show notes on honestmoneypodcast.com.

Cait Flanders and Carrie S. Nicholson
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512 - Figuring Out What's Next

Have you ever been stuck trying to figure out what's next? If you're struggling to map out a clear path, you're not alone. In the final episode of this season, we share some updates on what's next for us personally. We also talk about the future of the podcast, and whether or not there will be another season. What you'll hear in this episode is a lot of questions and unknowns. One thing we are both realizing is this: Just because you've been doing something for awhile doesn't mean you have to do it forever. Thanks for another great season, friends!

2018-03-27 05:51:06 UTC

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