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DIY Wedding Catering Tips | Wine, Beer & Cocktail Bar | Part I of II

Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by planning, shopping, and prepping elements of your own wedding day food & drink.  How much beer & wine should we buy?  How many desserts will people eat?  Is supplying our own appetizer spread just crazy?

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DIY Catering Logistics

It’s pretty evident why “do it yourself” style catering is a huge money saver.  The markup on food and drink via a traditional caterer or venue bar is enormous. 

If you can identify just one component of your wedding reception to put together on your own, without the expense of catering, you’re going to open up an enormous money saving opportunity.

This week it’s all about the beer, wine and cocktails.  To view the online drink calculator we discussed in today’s show, visit:

And as promised, my very favorite sangria recipe - so easy, affordable, and SO yummy!


White Peachy Sangria

  • 4 bottles of Pinot Grigio (super cheap $3 Charles Shaw from Trader Joe’s is perfect, but any other Pinot Grigio you like is works too!)
  • 48 oz (4 12-oz cans) diet sprite or 7-up (you can use regular soda too, I like a less-sweet version that sugar-free soda lends.  For even less sweet, you could also use plain, unflavored soda water or LaCroix)
  • 1 cup brandy
  • 1 cup Peach Schnapps
  • As many fruit slices you like - grapes, peaches, strawberries, pineapple work well
  • Mix everything and let sit chilled, ideally overnight.  Pour & enjoy!

Questions about today’s show, or any stories you’d like to share about your wedding bar?  Be in touch by visiting the “Contact” tab!

Cheers to you friend, can’t wait to continue to conversation next week!


2018-06-20 07:30:00 UTC

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