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Congratulations on Your Engagement!

Congratulations on your engagement, and welcome to the Wedding Planning Podcast!

Visit to sign up for your FREE Engagement Starter Kit video series, courtesy of the Wedding Planning Podcast!

Today's show is an episode all about the question I hear from so many newly engaged couples - what should we do first to start planning our wedding?  Where do we even begin?

Right here.

I designed a totally FREE Engagement Starter Kit to guide you through the first five steps to creating the wedding of your dreams.

In these quick & concise videos, we discuss the very most important things for you and your fiance to handle before moving on to cakes and flowers and dresses and bachelorette parties.

There are FIVE critical steps for you to address to get started in the wedding planning process, and I'll give you a little hint - almost all of them are co-dependent on the others.  This means that it's extra important for you to take the time to have a thoughtful discussion about each topic with your fiance.

The Wedding Planning Podcastis here to help you take the overwhelm and expense out of wedding planning.  I design each episode specifically to streamline and simplify the wedding planning process, because let’s face it - planning your wedding can be overwhelming, expensive, time consuming and stressful!

There is way too much information out there that makes you doubt your common sense judgement and second guess your decisions, and I want to be your voice of reason & your cheerleader through the process.

I know that not everyone has the budget to hire a dedicated wedding planner in the months leading up to the wedding, and I hope you will find our weekly meetings to be helpful and keep things in perspective as you plan away!

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Questions about the podcast or the Engagement Starter Kit?  I have an open door, and I love to hear from you!

Until next time, happy wedding planning!




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