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ADHD Brain injury & the slow road back- with pet guru, Amanda Hamilton

After graduating University in the UK, Amanda moved to Whistler in 1997 to ‘do a ski season’. Working first in ski retail, in Whistler and Vail, then at the BC SPCA in Greater Vancouver, a brief stint as a Vet Nurse and a Bank Teller, in human resources for a drug company and finally realizing she should work for herself, Amanda moved to Rossland, BC and opened her first business. Eleven years later Amanda is still in Rossland and owns 2 Pet Supply Stores, a doggy daycare with dog walking services and is about to embark on a new career as a Dog Trainer and Behaviourist. Always at home outdoors, Amanda has been known to dabble in triathlon, road biking, skiing, running and hiking & agility with her dogs.

Amanda was involved in a bike crash that resulted in a brain injury. It took a great deal of patience, determination & research for her to overcome the accident, and begin to repair herself. We talk about her journey back here this morning. Enjoy! 

In this episode, Peter and Amanda discuss:

0:45- Welcome and introducing Amanda Hamilton!

1:40- Tell us your story- what’s this about a brain injuring wreck you were in?

3:14- You wrote: ‘As you started to find more & more of your brain as it recovered, you started to lose your mind’- tell us more about that please?

4:16- The beginning of the rest of the recovery and finding more/better treatment

4:49- Brain injury acquired ADHD?

6:00- A wake up call. A newfound respect for patience.

6:30- So tell us about the difference between then & now, and more about your journey?

7:40- Dr. Michael “Micky” CollinsExertion therapy

8:28- Let’s talk about Positive Reinforcement Training. (Aka Clicker Training or R+)

8:57- Marker Training

10:22- Positive Reinforcement Training in humans too(?)

11:16- So, is working with animals your one true love?

12:10- How can people get in touch with you Amanda? 

DogNerd250 Facebook & her business Tails Pet Supplies & Services at  

12:28- Thank you Amanda!

12:47- Faster Than Normal Podcast info and credits

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2018-05-16 05:00:00 UTC

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