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Episode 58 - School Refusal Behavior

Ah, the beautiful summer weather is finally upon us.  And what better time to talk about how hard it is for some students to attend school.  Is it bad teaching? Permissive parents? School anxiety? How the heck are we supposed to find out the function of school refusal behavior? Fortunately, Dr. Christopher Kearney and colleagues have been studying the assessment and treatment of school refusal behavior since the early 90's.  And your pals here at ABA Inside Track are here to disseminate their research with our brand of deep discussion and tangents about Jackie's history of poor attendance due to Sailor Moon.

Articles for next episode:

Kearney, C.A. & Silverman, W.K.  (1990).  A preliminary analysis of a functional model of assessment and treatment for school refusal behavior.  Behavior Modification, 14, 340-366.  doi: 10.1177/01454455900143007

Kearney, C.A., Pursell, C., & Alvarez, K.  (2001).  Treatment of school refusal behavior in children with mixed functional profiles.  Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 8, 3-11.  doi: 10.1016/S1077-7229(01)80037-7

Kearney, C.A., Chapman, G., & Cook, L.C.  (2005).  Moving from assessment to treatment of school refusal behavior in youth.  INternational Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy, 1, 46-51.

Kearney, C.A.  (2008).  School absenteeism and school refusal behavior in youth: A contemporary review.  Clinical Psychology Review, 28, 451-471.  doi: 10.1016/j.cpr.2007.07.012

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