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A raw and honest weekly personal development show for those courageous enough to ask the question “What does ‘having it all’ mean to me?” This show is for people tired of the traditional self help jargon, who don’t want to be told to do more affirmations and mantras, and who want simple and proven ways to tap into their personal power to create the life they want. The conversations on this show are transparent and real. The insights are profound and inspiring. The strategies are simple, yet not easy. It’s time for you to finally get out of your own way, silence your inner critic, and start living the life you know you’re capable of. It’s time for you to define for yourself what “having it all” means, and muster the courage to make it happen.

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Creating Thriving Relationships: My interview on The Extraordinary Life Podcast

What does your extraordinary life look like?

On today's episode I'm bringing you something different. Normally I'm the one interviewing other people, but today I'm the one being interviewed!

This past week I was interviewed by Tiago Buhr, host of The Extraordinary Life Podcast. On his show, Tiago interviews people to learn insights on how to create an extraordinary life in all areas: business, freedom, spirituality, finances, health, sexuality, relationships and purpose.

Our conversation was raw, honest and emotional. We focused a lot of relationships and how to create healthy, thriving relationships. 

I'm excited for you to hear this one!

Show Notes:


2018-06-16 15:03:24 UTC

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