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Why do we constantly procrastinate on our big dreams and watch our lives pass us by? Matt Wells interviews inspiring people who have realized their potential and are making their ideal lifestyles happen to try and figure out what it takes. Also, Matt chronicles his own journey out of slackerdom and into the exciting and scary world of hosting and producing a show, personal development, and entrepreneurship through the lens of a chronic underachiever destined for greatness.

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64 - Do What You Love & Love What You Do w/ Ka Sundance

Ka Sundance is a location independent father of six and the CEO of a $1 Million online business.

Originally from Germany, Ka and his family have gone from being on welfare to running one of the most successful online businesses in the world.

His journey started when he began making YouTube videos about improving health holistically after one of his kids fell ill.   

From their his business has grown to such heights that allow him and his family to be totally location independent and free.

Ka's story is truly inspirational and his natural positive energy really shines in this episode.

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2017-09-19 08:00:00 UTC

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