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Busy people who became published authors such as Jim Palmer, Adam Markel, Diane Gardner, Dr. Kathy Gruver, Marcey Rader, Jacques McNeil, Raymond Aaron, Naresh Vissa, Keshawn Dodds, Dr. Chris L Hickey, John Lee Dumas and many more inspire busy people to become published authors. The podcast idea started because John P, the host, was writing his first book but put it aside due to other priorities in life. His mom told him to “Please, Finish Your Book!”, however he was so busy, he didn’t get the chance to finish before she passed away a couple of months later. So John P launched this podcast not only in rememberance of his mom, but to showcase busy people who found a way to get their books finished. John goal is to help inspire busy people who want to write a book to get their books finished too. Listen as they share their story along with practical tips that you can use to get your book finished. Authors will share what their book is about and some will RAP (ie., Read A Portion) during the BOOK segment. During the AUTHOR segment, you will hear their backstories. The final segment of the show, the MINDSET, is where the author reveals the motivation, choices, and some helpful tips they used to bring their book to life. The show format is BAM! (Book, Author, Mindset).

John P interviews busy people who became published authors during the most busiest and/or distracting times of their lives.
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012: Shola Richards | Making Work Work

Shola Richards is a workplace positivity expert, dynamic keynote speaker,  and self-professed kindness extremist who is dedicated to positively change how we work, live and lead in America. As a busy award-winning Director of Training at a top educational institution, he finished writing the book, “Making Work Work: The Positivity Solution for Any Work Environment.” The Book:…

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2016-09-06 16:20:19 UTC

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