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Andrea Ferretti spent more than a decade as an editor at Yoga Journal interviewing inspiring yoga teachers, creative thinkers, and wellness experts. Now, on Yogaland, Andrea talks to insightful people about all things related to yoga and the path of self-awareness. From how yoga is being used in schools, to how it rewires our brains, to nitty gritty anatomy advice, to the simple ways it helps us navigate emotions. Yogaland is a dose of weekly inspiration that focuses on creating a happy, healthy, meaningful life.

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Summer Series Ep2: Staying Sane (and Enjoying!) Social Media

If you're like a lot of yoga students, you probably feel a bit conflicted when it comes to social media: You want to spend more time in the present moment, but you also love how social media makes you feel connected with the people you love and what's going on in the world. It can be so hard to find a balance that allows you to enjoy the best social media has to offer without feeling like a slave to technology.

In this episode of Yogaland, Jason and I share some practical tips on using social media both as consumers and as yoga teachers (who need to use it as a marketing tool and as a way to connect to their students).

We talk about:

* How to stop comparing yourself to the edited highlight reel you see of others' lives on social media

* Creating healthy boundaries around how and when you use social media

* What yoga teachers can do to stay authentic on social media and use it to nurture the relationships they have with their students

Podcast notes:


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2018-06-19 05:27:04 UTC

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