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Ep. 54: 2018 Trend Watch, Predictions, and Let's Be Honest...Harsh Judgements

We start this episode with a small recap of our time in Seattle visiting the HGTV dream home and then describe where and what our dream homes would be! They might surprise you!

Then we dive into a new segment, that we eventually decide to call "Cabin Log" (although Cabin of Green Gables was a close second! Ha!) where we're telling a few more nitty gritty details of our adventures in renovating our new-to-us A-frame. While we love our cabin, it's hasn't all been views and a walk in the park. This week's log story includes a whole lotta snow and a very expensive lesson.

For the main segment, we go through House Beautiful's 16 Decor Trends that are Going to Be Hot for 2018 and weigh in on each.

• Chris raps about the tone on tone trend.

• And although House Beautiful is telling us to go moodier (compared to what?!), there's a big change we're making in our house that goes in the opposite direction!

• And then, yeah, I mispronounce agate over and over and over. (I now realize, I was thinking of the word agave!) Here's the link to Sarah Sherman Samuel's Wallpaper line.

• Also, my 2018 goal to convert Preston to beige--who do I need to add to the list?


Can't Get You Outta My Mind

Preston talks about launching his own personal development podcast, Next Level Life, last week and how he worked so hard to make it the number 1 podcast in his category--a goal he totally nailed!

Chris declares his love for Inca Corn. (I filled his stocking with these, and he ate them all in less than a week!)

I share a toy that we gifted to our daughter and nephew (both 7) that has helped so much with their anxiety, especially at bedtime. It's called a Worry Eater and I couldn't recommend it enough!

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