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Take NRSNG with you wherever you go. This nursing podcast covers one nursing mnemonic per 3-5 minute episode.<br /> <br /> To get all of our cheatsheets visit:<br /> <br /> Perfect for a jog, drive to work, a wait in line. <br /> <br /> At NRSNG, our goal is to give the confidence and the tools you need to succeed in nursing school and in your life as a nurse. Cut the clutter out of nursing school and enjoy the nursing mnemonics podcast with your host Kati Kleber RN CCRN.<br /> <br /> Full disclaimer information at:

Kati Kleber RN CCRN (Critical Care Nurse, Nursing Student Mentor, NCLEX educator, and Nursing Podcast Host)
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I’m a Little Bit Scared to Share This #vulnerable

Can I be honest? I had an amazing experience last month.   It was one of those moments when you are filled with thousands of emotions ranging from happiness to sadness all at the same time.  Have you ever felt … Continued

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2017-05-26 15:36:07 UTC

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