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Culture, Values, Raising Money + The Role of CEO

Today, we’re continuing our conversation with serial entrepreneur, Brett Hurt. If you missed the first episode, make sure to listen to learn the resources Brett uses to scale, how to communicate with investors and a lot more.

This episode is jam-packed with insights and actionable advice from Brett. We spend a lot of time talking about exactly HOW to create a thriving culture. Brett shares a unique but powerful way to develop your company’s values so they stick and are memorable. Brett’s built amazing cultures in his previous businesses (including Bazaarvoice, where they won best place to work as a small, medium and large business) and his current company,

Brett also dives deep into the role of the CEO. His unique perspective will cause you to rethink and possibly redefine the role of the CEO.

Topics include:

  • The most valuable conference Brett makes sure to attend every single year
  • The criteria Brett uses when deciding whether to invest in a company or fund (currently Hurt Family Investments is invested in 55 companies and 12 funds)
  • When is the right time to create your core values in a companies growth
  • How to create values that reflect your company’s personality
  • How to get your teams involved in creating your core values
  • Why the founders of chose to make a B Corporation and why you should consider creating a B Corp
  • What does passion have to do with creating a business?
  • What is the role of a CEO?
  • What to do when you have a bad day as a CEO
  • How being fully present where you are is more important than work/life balance
  • The out of office message Brett uses to let people know he is not available

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2018-03-20 10:01:00 UTC

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