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Better Everyday #86 BCAAS Yah or Nah, REAL Mindful Eating & When Fav Workouts Trump Your Hormones
This episode has us doing our favorite thing: answering your questions! We cover the biochemistry of BCAAs when it comes to muscle recovery and cravings as well as if you should use them if you have PCOS or insulin resistance. We dig into dairy a bit which leads us to our definition of real mindful eating (hint: it’s not just eating slower!). As well we had a great question from a listener who loves her intense cardio class because it’s such a stress reliever and gives her that great high. She’s wondering if there’s ever a time when even if it’s wreaking havoc on her hormones is it still worth it for the rush and relief? Such a juicy question! Listen up, this show is a great one!
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