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Jon Fuller is on a mission to be a true example of Christ in his life and in his work. He introduces you to men and women of faith who have walked different paths to find a true Christianity that they live out each and every day. Some paths have been bumpy and filled with debris, but through it all, grace and faith have been a sustaining force in the lives of these men and women. You won't find any fake and phoney Christianity here.....just real people with a heart for God and living out His call on their lives. Join us for new episodes each week. We'd love it if you'd share the show with other men and women of faith who need support and encouragement along their journey.

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80: Michael McIntyre Shares a Preview of Are You Real Business

Michael McIntyre is one of the most enthusiastic, go-getting, money-producers out there today. He loves people, loves business, and loves Jesus. He’s part of our team and our new platform that launches in January. We are building a unified body to go and change the world together!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Michael’s path: the USAF, then the insurance business and the development of marketing and sales strategies
  • How Michael helped build over 200 millionaires, wrote a book, and then surrendered to Jesus 10 years ago
  • Michael’s other companies and his work as a coach for Christian entrepreneurs
  • Bringing business ideas to the Christian community
  • Addressing the myths about Christians in business
  • What Michael is most excited about with our new program: Building a custom program that people can use
  • Main takeaways for listeners, including how to deal with debt and advertising
  • Michael’s biggest challenge for 2018? Saying NO!
  • The biggest challenge for the world in 2018? The geopolitical circumstances, from Main St. to Wall St.
  • Why Michael has no New Year’s resolutions, just goals, including developing a Netflix show about his training
  • Something you don’t know about Michael: He would love to do stand-up comedy!
  • What we hope to accomplish through the new show that launches in January:
    • Being a different kind of show
    • Helping your bank account
    • Helping you to be a Christian leader in the marketplace
    • Tackling controversial issues

Resources: Check out Michael’s brand new e-course!

2017-12-13 08:00:00 UTC

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