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Fintech Insider, hosted by David M. Brear, Jason Bates, Chris Skinner and Simon Taylor, is a tri-weekly podcast dedicated to all things fintech, banking and financial services. David, Jason, Simon and Chris are joined weekly by a range of fantastic guests discuss the latest news, developments, and trends within the industry. On Fintech Insider Insights, they speak to subject matter experts for deep dives on APIs, AI, digital banking, and all other areas disrupting our industry. FinTech Insider Interviews brings you one-on-one interviews with the thought leaders and innovators transforming financial services. Fintech Insider News show sees our hosts and guests try to make sense of the top stories from the industry in the last week Whether you're a fintech expert or you're just keen to know more, then this is the podcast for you! <img width="100%" src="">

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Ep. 169. FCA Crashes the BYOD Party
First up on today's news show, the FCA bans BYOD ( (Bring Your Own Device) across the the entire UK finance sector. Whilst regulation is on the tip of everyone's tongue, cryptocurrencies managed to sneak their way onto the show once more as Kodak launched KODAKcoin (, boosting stock prices an outrageous 44%. From one major announcement to another, tech giant Tencent ( gets a licence to sell mutual funds to WeChat's 1 billion users in China. Moving on, TransferWise is quietly launching its "borderless" debit cards ( to 1,000 customers, with a full rollout coming later in the year. We discuss what the future of borderless payments could look like and how this brings the company in closer competition with Revolut. Our next story comes from a report written by FleishmanHillard named 'The Fads, The Fears and the Future' ( which details the most overhyped technologies and trends in 2017. Simon Taylor interviews Claudia Bate the author, where they discuss the report at length including the methodology behind the statistics and upcoming regulation. Our last episode was named 'Tis The Season of Open Banking and the subject just won't go away. The Guardian published an article which asks whether open banking is a 'radical shake-up, or threat to your private data?' ( and our panel explore this at length. Do people know where their data is going? Our panel explore whether or not consumers actually need to know how their data is being used so long as it creates a better product for them. Next, we discuss Brexit's impact ( on the Fintech space and whether or not cynics have been proven wrong. Uncertainty has been prevalent over Brexit particularly in finance and this is something dissected during this episode. Software-only Wealthfront ( were also in the news as they raised $75 million as they aim to target millennials. We discuss who the term 'millennial' refers to and also what the traditional demographic usually is. We break down 'Meltdown and Spectre' ( (scary headline for a financial services story), a bug that could be used to compromise computer chips creating security vulnerabilities, what is being done to fix it and how it could impact legacy systems. On the brighter side of things, more than £300m of 'forgotten' money ( is to be stripped from bank accounts and given to charities and people in debt instead. Robin Hood springs to mind and the team details whether or not this is the right way of dealing with the dormant money. Finally, 'fake cannabis' ( drives record number of Swiss start-ups. Are we moving from 'Cash & Cocaine' to 'Bitcoin & Weed'? We hope you enjoy the show - spread the word, tell your friends and don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes. If you want to get in touch, drop us a line at or on Twitter @FintechInsiders and follow us on Facebook. Special Guests: Charlie Wood, Pete Townsend, Ross Gallagher, and Sarah Kocianski.
2018-01-15 16:00:00 UTC

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