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Cryptid Creatures is a podcast about the exploration of some cryptozoological myths and monsters from all across the map. If you enjoy the paranormal and creepy, then this is the iTunes podcast for you. Science Fiction novelist Jesse Haynes guides Season One across the United States in an exploration of everything creepy. From Kentucky to Missouri, to South Carolina and Oklahoma, and even more, this podcast covers a tremendous amount of ground and is perfect for the pseudoscience enthusiast, or even the common traveler looking for some entertainment. This podcast is not designed to spoon-feed you. It is not going to tell you what to believe. The best decisions are the ones that are independently formulated, so Cryptid Creatures is going to give you both sides of the argument—the myth and the science—and coming up with a conclusion will be up to you. The driving question behind the episodes is simply this: What do you believe?

Jesse Haynes: Science Fiction Novelist
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Episode Twelve: Sasquatch
Cultures across the world associate the consumption of human flesh with the inheritance of supernatural powers. These powers, at least according the the Algonquian peoples, are far from desirable. What do you believe? New episodes every other Saturday. Want more Cryptid Creatures? Check out to learn more about the podcast, and go to … Continue reading "Episode Twelve: Sasquatch"
2016-12-16 00:01:59 UTC

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