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The Gratitude Podcast (one of the Top 10 Positive Thinking Podcasts in 2018) is meant to be your weekly source of inspiration & motivation (make sure you SUBSCRIBE), to lift you up when you feel down, to help you find new ways of making gratitude a habit, so your life is filled with more and more reasons to be grateful and happy. "It's not happiness that makes us grateful; it's gratefulness that makes us happy." - David Steindl-Rast Gratitude is the one thing that helped me most in my life from all the personal development and spiritual practices that I did and that’s why I want to inspire 100,000 people to discover how to feel grateful more often and live a happy life. We do this by interviewing inspiring people and getting them to share fascinating motivational stories about how gratitude has helped them get to where they are now, what they did when it was hard to feel grateful and what they do as self development practices to be grateful consistently for a beautiful life.

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Are You Grateful For Your iPhone? Gratitude Drill Down Example

Nathan Cook shares a gratitude practice that I think it's brilliant. 

He takes one thing he's grateful for and goes really deep to appreciate everything about it. 

In this episode you'll hear how he goes about finding things and people to appreciate when it comes to his iPhone. 

Asked him to give an example that most of us will relate to (a smartphone). 

The same pattern or way of practising gratitude can be applied to other blessings in our life as well. 

Hope you find it inspiring! :) 

2018-04-20 07:51:45 UTC

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