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Sometimes all it takes is one little fact or one little piece of wisdom to change your life forever. That's the purpose and the hope of "Something You Should Know." In each episode, host Mike Carruthers interviews top experts in their field to bring you fascinating information and advice to help you save time and money, advance in your career, become wealthy, improve your relationships and help you simply get more out of life. In addition, Mike uncovers and shares short, engaging pieces of "intel" you can use to make your life better - today. Right now.

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How Heredity Works in Your Family & How to Create and Deliver the Perfect Apology

Years ago coffee was called “The Think Drink” in a marketing campaign. Those were the golden days of coffee. Later coffee was demonized as something that caused all kinds of health problems. Later it turned out, coffee had health benefits and was just fine to drink – but not too much. So we begin this episode with a look at the research to discover whether coffee is good or evil. (

Ever think about what traits or behaviors or illnesses may have been passed down to you by your parents and ancestors? What will you pass down to your children and their children? Can you really inherit your mother’s laugh or your father’s depression? Heredity is a fascinating and often misunderstood topic. To help sort it all out is Carl Zinmmer. Carl is a writer for The New York Times and author of the book, She Has Her Mother’s Laugh: The Powers, Perversions and Potential of Heredity (  

Couples fight about money more than most other subjects. That’s because they don’t talk about it until it escalates into a fight. So how can couples talk about money in a calm and reasonable manner so there are no fights? I’ll explain that in this episode (The Couple’s Guide to Financial Compatability by Jeff Motske -

When you do or say something that hurts someone else, you are supposed to apologize. But as simple as that sounds, sometimes an apology can make matters worse not better. In fact that is a lot about apologies and forgiveness people don’t understand. One person who understands this very well is Dr. Harriet Lerner, a psychotherapist and author of the book Why Won't You Apologize?: Healing Big Betrayals and Everyday Hurts ( Harriet joins me to dissect what does and doesn’t make the perfect apology and how to diver it so it really does some good.

2018-05-24 07:04:00 UTC

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