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Adrienne Wei, Acupuncturist, Integrative Fertility Coach, Fellow of ABORM
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#62: How To Navigate The Fertility Information Jungle

Let’s face it, in today’s modern world, information is a commodity because we can just open Google, type in our questions, and boom! We get access to hundreds and thousands of search results.

If you want a recipe, you can hop on pinterest and there are thousands of recipes to choose from.  

And then also you have that friend or blogger who has the heart of gold with all good intentions.  She wants to share with you what worked for her, the one supplement that made a difference, or this great cleanse she went on and that was the month she got pregnant.

And it’s hard not to look at your own situation and go, gosh I wonder if that will work for me.  

You get what I’m saying right?  No wonder you can get confused.  

But based on my experience, I find that we tend to filter the information.  We only see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear. If we come across a piece of information and for whatever reason it resonates with us, we’re going to want to be believe it.  

So my main goal for this episode is to going to teach you to be your own guide, and navigate through the fertility information jungle in a really smart way.  Not to completely stop googling or reading blog, but to be able to look at the information with a critical eye.

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