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This podcast is for those who are interested in improving their intimate relationship. If you are in a relationship, and believe in keeping the spark alive, this podcast is for you. For those couples who are dating, engaged, newlyweds, married, or in a long term relationship, we will focus on enhancing your intimate connection. Dr. Kia James, will interview specialists, relationship coaches, marriage counselors, and successful couples to bring you tips, advice, and strategies for making your good relationship or marriage better. Of course, these tips can also benefit couples who are experiencing relationship stress. We will cover topics related to successful co-parenting, creating a healthy blended family, dating, sex, love, passion, supporting your partner, and much more. Nurture your relationship and avoid relationship road blocks. Tune in as we discuss relationship tips that will give your relationship that extra boost!

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32. Love Yourself

The Relationship with Yourself

Relationship Boosters Podcast Episode 32

Interview with: Love Coach Dani Spikes

An essential component in your relationship

Love yourself

  • The journey is self-love is on your own, and it will impact the connection in your relationships.
  • Men and women both can experience problems related to self-love.
    • Women need to better themselves to become better wives just as men need to better themselves to become better husbands
  • Loving yourself includes developing Self-worth and Self-value.

Some major components in self-love

  • Learn to forgive yourself
  • Be ok with putting yourself
  • Know your own truth

Take away points

It is impossible to love anyone else if you do not know how to love yourself.

Follow the link below to find out more about Love Coach Dani Spikes and The Spiked Brunch

2017-08-02 03:00:00 UTC

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