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Tactical Talk sounds like nothing else. Who hasn’t wanted the chance to hang out with the real life warriors who can do Jason Bourne and James Bond type stuff? And here’s the thing…how would you ever find these guys to buy them a beer and hopefully hear a story or two? They excel at all things covert and the most talented operators tend to be incredibly humble, true to the code of “quiet professionals” – so it will definitely not be obvious that they are, who they are...folks in the business of protecting the United States and impossibly good at it. Well, now you know where to find them. Every week, you’ve got a seat at the table. From Special Operations ultimate tactical professionals through to 4-Star Generals and Admirals, host Allison Barrie will introduce you to a line up of fascinating warriors who you need to meet. So what do these guys talk about when they hang out together? Download to pull up a bar stool and find out.

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Best-kept secrets on dealing with attackers. Today we’re zeroing in on disarming opponents.

We’re also going to talk about the most powerful weapon every single person has.  It’s free, doesn’t require a permit and it never runs out of ammo. In the movies and tv shows, it looks so easy to take a weapon out of an attackers hand…but how do the real life James Bond and Jason Bourne types do it? If they are not carrying a gun, how do they stop an attacker? We want every American to have access to the best skills to defend themselves and loved ones. So we’re hooking you up with one of the most sought after instructors in the world. Steve Tarani is an ultra- master of protection. He honed his craft in the CIA. Tarani has done it all –even been on President Trump’s protection detail. First half, Tarani shares what life is like in his rarely seen covert world. Second half – special access to some personalized instruction. Guns, knives, baseball bats, tire irons…they break down each one and explain the best way to protect yourself when you face an attacker carrying them. You don’t need to be super musclular to be safe. You don’t need a gun to fend off an attack. After this episode, no matter your size or gender you will know how to use the weapon you carry with you eveyday – one you didn’t know you have and that Tarani believes is the most powerful weapon available. What is it and how do you use it? Download and get empowered. And don’t miss Tarani’s “war story” when he encountered a threat to his stockpile clinging onto the side of a cliff. 

2018-01-12 19:00:10 UTC

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