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Tactical Talk sounds like nothing else. Who hasn’t wanted the chance to hang out with the real life warriors who can do Jason Bourne and James Bond type stuff? And here’s the thing…how would you ever find these guys to buy them a beer and hopefully hear a story or two? They excel at all things covert and the most talented operators tend to be incredibly humble, true to the code of “quiet professionals” – so it will definitely not be obvious that they are, who they are...folks in the business of protecting the United States and impossibly good at it. Well, now you know where to find them. Every week, you’ve got a seat at the table. From Special Operations ultimate tactical professionals through to 4-Star Generals and Admirals, host Allison Barrie will introduce you to a line up of fascinating warriors who you need to meet. So what do these guys talk about when they hang out together? Download to pull up a bar stool and find out.

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Inside Elite Commando Combat Divers Deep Ocean Battles w/ Marine Force Recon Rudy Reyes

Rudy is back, on top form and in the house at Tactical Talk’s studio in NYC. This week is an extra big helping of Friday motivation with a double-header episode with Rudy. The Noreaster blew up Allison’s flight plans so she couldn’t get back last week. Marine Force Recon Rudy is stepping up to help make that up to you guys. Fasten your seatbelts for a freewheeling, hard-hitting and massive dose of motivation in ways that only Rudy can deliver. This episode is jampacked with one of a kind war stories as only Rudy could tell them. Rudy rolls with a lot of celebs so the episode kicks off with a surprise pop up from Divergent and Terminator Genysis star new Jai Courtenay starring in new marine corps Semper Fi. Rudy has swung by to hang out in NYC having just come back from working on that new movie with Jai. First half of this gigantic ep, Allison pins Rudy down on some new icebreakers – his answers may surprise you. Join Rudy and Allison for some tequila day drinking and real talk on a range of issues. See a side to Rudy you never got to see in Generation Kill. Second half, Rudy hooks you up on the latest about Force Blue as he promised. This half zeroes in on the world of combat divers. Infiltration. Drown proofing. Mind boggling extreme training. Fighting underwater. Imagine having to defuse a bomb that could kill hundreds of Sailors if you don’t succeed. Now imagine doing that in the dark. Combat divers take that to a whole other level having to do this in the dark, deep underwater in inhumanly cold conditions. Rudy takes you underwater, inside all sorts of these high stakes combat diver missions. The ep then switches gears to talk about how combat divers from around the world are coming together to fight for a new cause. Hear all about the new hardcore training these commandos master to take their amazing skills and apply them to literally saving humans again – this time by saving the ocean’s reefs. Reefs play a vital role in ensuring humans have oxygen – but already about a quarter of them have already been damaged beyond repair. The rest are at great risk. Enter Force Blue fighting for us all deep underwater. How do they rebuild reefs? How do these battle-hardened commando combat divers handle nursery duty. Hear about the extreme and dangerous conditions they battle to rebuild reefs. From sharks to ferocious currents and merciless, powerful wave beatings to endless hours of bone chilling conditions…all to deliver baby coral to their new homes and other missions.

2018-03-23 23:52:57 UTC

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