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Your friends and family expect you to bring your camera to birthday parties and holiday dinners. You pick up your camera before the broom when your kids spill flour all over the kitchen floor. You're the family photographer. Every other week, I share my conversations with photographers about their work and their families. How can we take better photos of our family life? Why are we taking all these photos in the first place?

Jenny Stein
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39: Renato dPaula on Documenting Families, Births and His Own Life

This episode is an interview with Renato dPaula. Renato is a father and documentary photographer from São Paulo, Brazil.

We begin our conversation talking about one of my favorite things: Renato's 365 Project. We talk about how there’s nothing like a difficult personal project to grow as a photographer. Renato tells us how he came to focus and documentary family photography, how he does it, what is his favorite part of the day with families. Renato does a lot of birth photography which I really love myself. I ask him how he got started in a genre done mostly by women. There’s so much I loved about talking with Renato. Enjoy!

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2018-03-13 15:33:24 UTC

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