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Episode 54: Why Calories are Archaic + How to Ditch the Binge-Restrict Cycle with Nourishing Minds Nutrition

We're over 50 podcast episodes in and truthfully, I don't know why I waited this long to bring these two beautiful women onto the show. Victoria Myers and Meg Dixon are the pair that makeup Nourishing Minds Nutrition and the hosts behind the Nourishing Women's Podcast. They're easily the most bubbly fun-loving women I follow but they're also a huge wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and holistic wellness. They're my intuitive eating soul sisters and kind of make me want to jump on a plane and move to St. Pete's Florida.

On today's episode I wanted to bring Meg and Victoria on to chat more in-depth about eating disorder recovery, why calorie counting is archaic and how to get back to listening to our bodies. This is one of the most important conversations we've had on the show and I hope it can inspire everyone to live a bit more intuitively. This episode is all about cutting out the noise and the best ways to do that to get back to your body's individualized version of health.

Here are a few other things we covered in today's episode:

  • Meg and Victoria's journeys and how they met and launched their business
  • Eating disorder recovery and what to tackle first when it comes to healing
  • How to let go of calorie counting and why it's not accurate assessment of nutrition
  • What is intuitive eating and how to learn to trust your body as a traditional eater
  • Binge eating disorder and how to stop the binge-restrict cycle
  • What is orthorexia and how social media perpetuates it
  • Food intolerances and can you eat intuitively while eliminating foods?
  • The Brain-Gut axis and how to know the difference between intolerances and anxiety
  • Supplementation for nutrition and wellness
  • Hormones and why so many women are struggling with hormone disorders

Mentioned in this episode:

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Georgie from In it 4 the Long Run

Chris Kresser

Christy Harrison

Megan Faletra from The Well Essentials

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2018-03-21 09:00:00 UTC

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