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This podcast is a collection of interviews & lectures, some of which are recorded specifically for this podcast, and some that are from his university courses, public lectures, documentary interviews, and YouTube videos from his channel: Jordan Peterson Videos ( The podcast offers discussion and information concerning a variety of complex ideas: How moral & pragmatic values regulate emotion and motivation; Psychometric models such as the Big Five; The significance of hero mythology; The meaning of music, and the structure of the world as represented through religion and spiritual belief.

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38 - Cathy Newman Interview & Analysis

On January 16th, 2018 Channel 4 aired the now infamous interview between Cathy Newman and Dr. Jordan Peterson. This podcast will first air the original interview and then the interview of Dr. Peterson by Geenstijl that was an analysis of the interview followed with an elaboration on what they think are the five strongest points of Dr. Peterson's philosophy on "how to be in the world".

  1. The centrality of the archetypical hero's myth
  2. The central role of the Logos during the hero's narrative
  3. Making the right sacrifices when bargaining with the future
  4. Orienting yourself towards the highest possible good you can conceive
  5. Minimise your persona, cultivate your essence, and live in its closest possible proximity

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