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Episode 22 – Tanner Barton - Part 1
PART #1 – On the morning of Sunday April 22, 2012 in Kokomo Indiana, Michele Barton and her husband Jeff received a phone call that would change their lives forever. One of their children's best friends called to inform them that there had been an accident involving their 19-year-old son Tanner. This episode is a collaboration between American Crimecast and The Minds of Madness. You can learn more about Shane's podcast at: Music Credits: Kevin MacLeod- Virtutes Instrumenti Kevin MacLeod - On the Shore Kevin MacLeod- Thunder Dreams Kevin MacLeod- Dreams Become Real Kai Engel - Engel Comatose Kai Engel – Global Warming Kai Engel – Take a Look Around You Kai Engel – Headway Kai Engel – Meekness Kai Engel – Cold War Echo All music is used under an Attribution License - The Funkoars – Feel The Madness Used with Permission - Please check out this episodes sponsors: ZipRecruiter - Our listeners can post jobs on ZipRecruiter for FREE, That’s right. FREE! Just go to ZOLA - To sign up with Zola and receive a $50 credit towards your registry, go to Interviews: Michele Barton (Mother of Tanner Barton) Nancy Grace from Crime Online Sheryl McCollum from the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Media Clips: Nancy Grace Show - Crime Online: Levi Page Show - Crime & Scandal: Denny Griffin Show - Crime Wire: Extra Research: Tae Davis Howard County Sheriffs Department: Captain Hargrove (765) 456-2031 Website - Facebook - Twitter - @MadnessPod Patreon - Don't forget to Subscribe, Like, Review, and Share. Please help listeners find this show more easily, by taking the time to review on iTunes. Thank you
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