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When the Cleveland Cavaliers are away from #TheLand, Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye bring you along for the ride as they discuss a wide array of topics including sports, travel, music, food and more. Cavs Sideline Reporter, Allie Clifton, and Spanish Radio Announcer, Rafael Hernandez Brito, join the veteran pair to keep them on track along the way.

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Episode 47: Larry Sanders

#FBF to Cavs vs Hawks in April, an episode we have had in the bank ever since. During a respected yet short stint w/ the Wine & Gold we had a chance to get a few minutes w/ big man Larry Sanders. With this opportunity came a chance for us to get to know Larry on a more personal level: his creative mind, his future visions in the workplace ... he's a gamer (did you know?)! One thing is for certain however - as many have heard his story when it comes to the hardwood - Larry gives his honest truth here on RT (at that time). What was life like during his first run in The NBA, his time away from the game & the journey to come back. The appreciation & utmost respect from us to Larry will always stand - his story & time we spent, valued. So in light of a little #FBF we toss it back to the time spent w/ "Man Man". (Yes, beer pong to the MAX becomes a full blown topic)

2017-09-15 18:15:34 UTC

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