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Georgie Morley
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Ep. 58 - Celebrating What’s On Your Plate, Creating an Adventurous Life on Purpose, and Mindfully Healing IBS - with Alexandra Dawson

On this week’s episode I’m chatting with the creator of & popular instagram @tahlulahalexandra - Alexandra Dawson. Alley and I first met last spring when we went to Wanderlust with Perfect Bar. Alley is thoughtful, wise, nurturing and genuine.


⁃ How Alley got into blogging

⁃ The power and importance of making space in your life for adventures and expansion both big and small

⁃ How she’s kept it real since day 1

⁃ How Alley’s definition of health has changed and stayed the same over her 5 years of blogging

⁃ Alley shares her experience with transitioning out of a strictly vegan diet and why her son was a big part of that change

⁃ How she slowly shared that transition with her community and why she believes she received love versus negativity

⁃ The power of celebrating plants versus focusing on what’s not on your plate

⁃ We talk how she’s healing her IBS

⁃ Why family was a big part of her decision

⁃ How she’s going on the FODMAP protocol to help heal

⁃ Why it’s not for everyone

⁃ What’s she’s learned from the experience

⁃ Her advice to anyone who is struggling with IBS

⁃ Non-food related healing strategies

⁃ Why it’s ok to make food choices that support your health without feeling like you’re on a “diet”

⁃ Why mindset matters so much in healing


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2018-03-20 10:00:00 UTC

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