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023: How Artist Megh Knappenberger Sold $200,000+ in Her First Year
023: How Artist Megh Knappenberger Sold $200,000+ in Her First YearThe day Megh Knappenberger decided to give her painting career a real shot, she had $0.28 in her bank account – here's how she found a passionate niche of buyers and made it to $200k+ in her first year.Show NotesMegh Knappenberger's Sitecheck"The Original Six" product pagecheckMegh's bank account the day she startedcheckRate and Review the Art Marketing Podcast on iTunescheckDownload the PDF of the show notes + transcribe​SubscribeTranscribeRead the transcribePatrick:Welcome to another edition of the Art Marketing podcast and today we have a very special guest joining us, artist Megh Navenburger. Megh, how are you doing?Megh:I'm great. How are you today?Patrick:Good. Good.Megh:Good.Patrick:I'm excited to talk to you.Megh:Yeah, me too.Patrick:Brief story, brief story I was thinking about, and I don't know if you know this, well you definitely don't know the inside story, but maybe you know the Amazon story. There's a story about the early days of Amazon, right? In the Amazon offices in Washington, Jeff Beezos, or Beezos, however you want to say it, rigged up a bell to ring inside the office every time that it got an order, right? Every time somebody ordered a book, the bell would just go ding. Then, obviously, knowing Amazon's story, like, it started ringing faster, and faster, and faster, and faster and it would get everybody in the office fired up, "We got another one." It would ring once a day, and then 10 times a day, and then 100 times a day, and obviously, the bell had to be taken down in pretty short order.What I love about that story is we took a page from his playbook and we actually have the Art Storefronts app stitched to a channel in Slack and what it does is every time a piece of art is ordered on the site, it pops into that Slack channel and it looks at it. I got to say, Megh, I've been seeing you in that Slack channel quite a bit. I mean, the bell for your art has been ringing, and ringing, and ringing.Megh:I love it.Patrick:Yeah, so huge congrats on that success, which I think is just absolutely amazing. I was thinking also as we were starting this, in addition to your tremendous sales volume, you're quite literally the artist that smart marketing artist love to hate.Megh:Oh.Patrick:Gary Vanderchuck, this guy that I follow on social, I don't know if you follow him, has this like, he has this constant mantra that he bangs, which is like no amount of marketing can fix a crappy product, right?Megh:Oh man.Patrick:So it doesn't matter how good you are, if your product's not good. But you ...Megh:It's so true.Patrick:... Are the opposite of that. Like, no amount of marketing is necessary in what would traditionally be called marketing. No SEO, no strong EO marketing, Facebook ads, when you have nailed the product market fit like you have, which is just amazing. As a quick aside listeners, I literally did a little bit of homework before I talked to Megh and I went and checked out her site and the homepage does not even have site titles or a meta description.Megh:I know.Patrick:She did not have the Facebook Pixel installed on her site, which is a cardinal sin in 2018 modern marketing.Megh:I know. I promptly fixed that after we talked, so it's there now.Patrick:Yeah, you did. But I love that. As I was saying before we hit record is like, that is such an anomaly. That is such a unique and unheard of position to be in. Not just art, whatever business, right? You're operating a digital online business and you've got product market fit so nailed. I would love to delve into that to try and unpack that to figure that out. I'm really excited to do that, and then side note, I'm also really excited for you to put all that stuff into place. [crosstalk 00:03:12]Megh:I know.Patrick:Home run.Megh:Yeah, sometime laser focus is ...Patrick:Let's get into-Megh:I had laser focus on one thing, but I did leave out a lot of that. Just like, "All right,
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