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A podcast to help you bring out your edge, your health and your fabulousness in a world filled of setbacks and limitations. Courtney Bentley, former bikini competitor, certified personal trainer and inspirational speaker brings the top experts to help you build a business and lifestyle you love. Every week brings another expert with tips and tricks to help you to reach your full potential in life, burst through the doors and look fabulous while doing it!. You have an infectious energy and enthusiasm for life, let’s ignite your full potential! Become Fit, Fierce and Fabulous and subscribe to get your motivation to slay your week!

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068 FFF Mini Creating a Fit Fierce and Fabulous Life

Find yourself doing the same old thing all the time and getting bored? Or are you someone who is constantly losing motivation to reach your goals? 

Join Courtney Bentley as she shares four easy ways to start living your best Fit Fierce Fabulous Life! From stepping outside of your comfort zone, implementing simple self-care strategies, to finding a liberating new fitness routine and above all, creating your tribe while doing it!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to Get Uncomfortable: the art of leaving your comfort zone by pushing through resistance. How you can try new things every day to feel more inspired, and motivated!
  • Why You Need to Be Fabulous: stop focusing so much on costs, and treat yourself! Eliminate limiting beliefs of self worth by implementing little changes to live a fabulous life. Whether it's self care, or something as small as getting yourself cute new pens for work, fabulous comes in all forms!
  • Why Being Fit Matters: Make your physical fitness a priority by finding exciting and new ways to workout! Whether it's a new yoga class, rock climbing, or dance, there are plenty of fun fitness alternatives!
  • Why You Need a Tribe: Establish a community full of people who are aligned with you, by getting uncomfortable and talking to new people! Go to events, go to classes, put yourself out there to find your people!

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