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How To Use Tapping For Anxiety And Stress with Nick Ortner

Have you ever heard about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and tapping before? And did you know that there is science showing that you can use tapping for anxiety and stress which has shown profound results?

Tapping is an exercise where you tap your fingers on certain points on the body (meridians) which helps you release any negative feeling and emotion you may have and leave you relaxed.

When I was recently approached by some colleagues who wanted to introduce me to one of the great tapping experts, I quickly brushed it off as there is no science to it. (You might have discovered that I am somewhat f a science geek and I will only talk about topics that have been approved by science. 😊 ) I was later approached by Nick Ortner who showed me the latest research on the topic and I was so impressed by this that I needed to have him on the podcast so he could share tapping wth you.   

Nick is CEO and founder of the tapping solution. He has spent the last 15 years teaching EFT and helped people all over the world to overcome pain, stress, depression, and anxiety. In this podcast, he will uncover how tapping for anxiety, stress, and pain works as these are all major causes of fatigue and low energy.

In this podcast, you’ll learn

  • What tapping is (for those of you who are not already familiar with it) and how it has changed countless lives
  • How tapping works to alleviate pain
  • What therapy that is complemented by therapy
  • How tapping for anxiety, stress, and depression works
  • How tapping can change the lives of people suffering from PTSD
  • What hormone has been shown to drop drastically after a tapping session
  • The free bonus you get for listening in
2018-01-13 05:00:00 UTC

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