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The Nonprofit Optimist podcast showcases positive change agents and talks through lessons that their small nonprofits have learned. With interviews of executive directors, founders, board members and staff leaders, we share practical advice based on real experiences working in the non-profit sector. Since most nonprofit professionals wear many hats, this is a great opportunity to learn how to grow your small nonprofit without needing to re-invent the wheel!

Molly MacCready - Nonprofit Founder, Executive Director, Podcast Host, Non-profit Collaborator and Supporter of Social Good
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NPO 032: Seeing Patients as Master Teachers (Shay Beider, Integrative Touch for Kids)

My guest today is Shay Beider, the founder and executive director of Integrative Touch for Kids. Shay has been a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine for the past 17 years. Integrative Touch for Kids is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to enhance well being, minimize suffering and facilitate healing for children with chronic, acute and life limiting illnesses. In our conversation, Shay and I discuss their business model, using volunteers not only for programming, but also for fundraising, and most fundamentally - always seeing the patients as the master teachers. Shay is such a passionate advocate for the works she does, and I think you’ll find there are many lessons to be learned from her approach that can apply to your small nonprofit.


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2018-03-19 23:35:44 UTC

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