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Have you listened to "Serial" Season One more than once? Do you have notes in the margins of your copy of "Zodiac?" Could you have watched seven MORE episodes of "The Jinx?" Us Too! Each week hosts Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle break down one of these true crime classics in the funny, engaging, and interesting way that only two gorgeous theater nerds can.

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47: Glory Daze
Happy Pride Month, Everyone! Now let's talk about a gay club kid who was super mean to people, became addicted to drugs, and murdered AND DISMEMBERED a fellow club-goer, shall we? Did I mention that he stuffed the body in a box LIVED WITH IT IN HIS APARTMENT FOR A WEEK, and then threw it into the Hudson River? No? Ugh, we'll get to it.  Glory Daze follows the rise and fall of club kid Michael Alig. From his humble beginnings as busboy in 1984 to his eventual reign as King of New York City nightlife, to his (sweet deal of a) prison sentence for murder. And as if that wasn't enough, get ready for some bonkers cameos from Patricia Field, Michael Musto, and Amanda Lepore (In A Limo! For No Apparent Reason!) **Looking for more TCO? [We're on Patreon](! And we're covering "Serial" episode-by-episode--we're currently up to episode 9 and it's bonkers. In addition, hear our two other full bonus episodes, extended outtakes from our episodes, and 8 mini-episodes (which are basically funny stories about everything from the time Patrick's kid went missing in the middle of the night to Gillian and Patrick's misadventures at CrimieCon). [Check it all out here!](** **THIS WEEK'S SPONSORS ** **[BETABRAND](**  Dress pants for women (that are actually yoga pants!). Use the code TCO to save 20% off.  **[RITUAL](** The future of vitamins! Order yours at (or click on the word RITUAL here.) **[LEESA](** Our favorite mattress company! Go to to save $160 on your mattress! []( . .
2018-06-19 04:01:00 UTC

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