A Sandwich and Some Lovin’
Kellie Rasberry of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show teams with her husband, Allen Evans, to talk about wedding planning, life, love and more.

A Sandwich and Some Lovin’
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47: Allen's Dream Comes True!
It's a jam-packed episode of A Sandwich and Some Lovin'! First, Allen and Kellie welcome Part-Time Justin from the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and Shut Up! podcast to talk about making his dream of becoming a standup comedian come true. And then one of Allen's dreams comes true when DAVID BLAINE calls in to talk about his upcoming tour! Then Kellie talks about overcoming body insecurities and allowing Allen to have a little fun with her jiggly parts. And FINALLY -- told you it was jam packed! -- Allen and Kellie are taking the podcast on the road! You can join them for Earth Day, April 22, at Outdoor Voices, 4539 Travis Street in Dallas, where they'll be joined by Gardenuity. The more podcast listeners, the merrier! (And the more opportunities it will give us to take the podcast on the road and hang out with you again!) Thank you to this week's podcast sponsors: eHarmony -- Get a free month when you sign up for a 3-month subscription when you enter the code "Sandwich" at checkout. Framebridge -- Save an additional 15% off your first order when you use the code "Sandwich." Stamps.com -- Click on the radio microphone at the top of the homepage and type in "Sandwich" for a special offer than includes up to $55 free postage, a digital scale and a 4-week trial.
2018-04-19 15:00:00 UTC

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