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Jamila Souffrant is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), blogger, podcast host and money coach. She is the founder of As a money expert who “walks her talk” she helps brave Journeyers; gain clarity around their finances and create an actionable plan to reach their goals. Her mission is to teach, inspire and help others reach Financial Freedom. The Journey To Launch podcast explores all aspects of reaching Financial Freedom; from increasing income, becoming tax efficient, paying off debt, investing, saving & learning how to retire early and wealthy.

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037- Understanding Credit and How to Use Credit to Build Wealth W/ Shante Harris

When it comes to building wealth, credit can be a key component in helping you to achieve your financial goals. Credit expert, Shante Harris, joins us on the show to talk about everything from credit scores, credit reporting, and even credit card utilization. A Maryland native, Shante shares an incredible story of triumph in which she survived cancer, becoming a mother of a child with autism, divorce and even homelessness.

Throughout her times of adversity, Shante gained the experience of bouncing back from credit card debt and becoming an expert in transforming not-so-perfect credit. Today, she leads a Facebook group of more than 58,000 members where she shares her expertise and inspires others to work toward their credit goals. She is also the founder of the non-profit organization, F.A.C.E. (Facing Autism with Children Everywhere). 

Sign up for Credit Sesame using my affiliate link and get your free credit report and other resources to help you with your credit. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why credit is important
  • How credit works
  • The 5 components of a credit score
  • The importance of the average age of accounts
  • How travel hacking can affect your score
  • Vantage scores vs. FICO
  • How student loans affect your credit
  • How employers check credit scores and other financial information
  • Tips for paying off your credit card balance

At the end of the podcast, I announced the waitlist to the soft launch of my monthly membership program. Get monthly tips, tools, and classes to help you launch to Financial Freedom. Click here to sign up and be the first to be notified when the doors open in Summer/Fall 2018.

(YNAB, my favorite budgeting app is giving Journeyers a 2-month free trial, no credit card required to try their amazing budgeting system, check it out here!)

2018-03-21 09:30:00 UTC

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