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Does America Have a Monopoly Problem?
“Politicians from both parties publicly worship the solemn dignity of entrepreneurship and small businesses. But by the numbers, America has become the land of the big and the home of the consolidated,” writes The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson.

In a time when Americans have lost faith in their institutions, the nation seems to now look to corporations for positive action. Can big business be a force for good or only a force for profit? Does their very size pose a threat? If corporations can be people, can they be good citizens?


- “Is Big Business Really That Bad?” (Robert D. Atkinson and Michael Lind, April 2018 Issue)
- “America’s Monopoly Problem” (Derek Thompson, October 2016 Issue)
- “'Corporations Are People' Is Built on an Incredible 19th-Century Lie” (Adam Winkler, March 5, 2018)
- “How American Business Got So Big” (Gillian B. White, November 18, 2016)
- “A Small Town Kept Walmart Out. Now It Faces Amazon.” (Alana Semuels, March 2, 2018)
- “Why Amazon Pays Some of Its Workers to Quit” (Alana Semuels, February 14, 2018)
- “The Internet Is Enabling a New Kind of Poorly Paid Hell” (Alana Semuels, January 23, 2018)
- “Hitchens Talks to Goldblog About Cancer and God” (Jeffrey Goldberg, August 6, 2010)

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