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Raising Savers in the Pacific Northwest with Christina and Eric
Christina & Eric of Raising Savers will be financially independent by 2021. They have two kids and live in the Pacific Northwest.  We specifically talk about what it's like raising kids in a financially independent family. We also chat about... Local credit union accounts for kids Dealing with kids and presents Being single and the FI life Their experiences working and having kids She was an absolute delight to speak with! Enjoy this chat with Christina and Eric, and please subscribe to us in iTunes if you enjoyed it! Show notes and links from today's episode Raising Savers (their blog!) Christina on Instagram The Camp Mustache episode Paula Pant's episode Paula on Instagram Buy Nothing Project How We Plan to Retire by 2021 J on Insta Gwen on Insta Waffle on Wednesday couple episode Key takeaways from our chat with Christina & Eric of Raising Savers 1 - Local credit unions can offer "early savers" accounts with high interest rates for kids Christina & Eric's kids save at a local credit union and earn 6% interest on anything they save up to $500 with early savers accounts.  Perhaps your local credit union offers something like this! 2 - Experiences seem to resonate more with kids J remembers that her godmother took her to an imax movie on dinosaurs but can't remember who bought her the Tamagachi or the Furby or any of the other super popular toys from the 90s and early 2000s. Experiences seem to resonate more with kids. 3 - Don't be afraid to ask Christina was able to get some flexibility in her job after having kids because she had money in the bank and because she wasn't afraid to ask. Both Christina & Gwen encourage people to ask for what they want because you never know until you try.   Questions? Like or dislike? Leave us a comment!
2018-06-24 04:08:07 UTC

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