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FIRE 042 – The RV Lifestyle with Michelle from Making Sense of Cents
Considering the RV lifestyle? Michelle Schroeder-Gardner has been RVing for over two years with her husband and dogs. They travel all around the United States following the weather. Today, we talk about getting started with the RV lifestyle, her best RV tips, how to find places to park, what to watch out for when purchasing an RV, and more. You'll definitely want to RV after this episode. We also chat about... Making friends on the road The costs of RV-ing Boondocking S-Corps Sailing plans Girl scouts? Enjoy this chat with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, and please subscribe to us in iTunes if you enjoyed it! Show notes and links from today's episode Making Sense of Cents - Michelle's Blog Michelle's Instagram Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course - Michelle's course on making $ online The Cars of Personal Finance Bloggers Ursa Minor - the brand for her jeep tent topper Gas Buddy Ep. 15: Melody Saving to Sail - our AWESOME podcast episode with Melody Sailing the World on $15k - Kristin's sailing post on J's blog How to Start a Blog Key takeaways from our chat with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner 1 - The RV lifestyle can be as expensive as you make it Whether you buy a $2 million-dollar RV (yes - they exist) or a $20,000 RV, you're still parking in the same lot as everyone else. There are RVs for every budget. Don't overspend..but don't underspend either. There are some RV parks with restrictions on the age and condition of your vehicle. 2 - Boondocking can be a great way to park for free Boondocking means parking for free and not paying for a spot at a campground or RV park. You can park at a Walmart, or on BLM land for a certain period of time. You don't have hookups though. Some refer to it as "dry camping." If you plan to boondock a lot, make sure you consider that when buying your RV. You may have different needs than someone primarily using campgrounds. There is also specific boondocking etiquette, if you care to follow it. 3 - Bring someone with you on your first RV purchase Don't take a chance when buying your first RV. Bring someone with you who knows what they're doing. Things to look out for when buying an RV: Age of the RV Condition of the roof Solar panels Size of tanks Your plans for RVing (boondocking, etc.) Fun tip - many RVers don't keep their first RV. Michelle is on her second RV right now! 4 - Don't take it too easy when it comes to your business Michelle has an online business that brings in over $1M per year. Even though her business has been wildly successful, she still recommends that entrepreneurs focus on investing and saving. She said that the average person who makes $50,000 per month only saves $4,000 per year. Crazy! Michelle also recommended bringing in the experts (lawyers and accountants) and setting up an S-corp. There is no strict rule on when to set up an S-corp but it might be best to wait until you hit $40,000-$60,000 per year, to realize the most tax benefits.   Questions? Like or dislike? Leave us a comment!
2018-01-14 05:00:40 UTC

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