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Final Act

Stories:  "Cowboy Whiteout" - Valerie is lost in a snowstorm in rural Montana. She thinks she might not be able to get out, when she sees two headlights coming to her through the storm. Help is on the way--she hopes. Valerie’s story comes to us from the book Trucker Ghost Stories, edited by Annie Wilder.

Production: Eliza Smith
Original Score: Leon Morimoto

"Flesh-Eating Bacteria" - An apprentice mortician spends his first night alone with a body and finds out how the dead can possess the living. A true story by the writer and performer Kyle Bowen.Kyle Bowen is a real-life graduate of the San Francisco College of Mortuary Science and has worked as a mortician for over 15 years. He now writes and performs in Chico, CA.

Production: Jamie DeWolf
Original Score: Pat Mesiti-Miller 

"Big Al" - Before he went to medical school, Don Clark worked with developmentally-delayed patients in a group home in Philly. That job opened his eyes and challenged everything he believed about life and death.

Production: Eliza Smith
Original score: Leon Morimoto


2017-10-26 04:00:00 UTC

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