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The “Just Ask David” audio podcast takes a deep dive into health and beauty in just 10 minutes during each interview. The show features David Pollock, beauty industry veteran and the chemist behind some of the top- performing beauty products of all time. On his show, he candidly shares his expertise and invites his talented roster of guests to do the same.

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Episode 59: Green Beauty on the Go! With Special Guest Margaux Lushing
Vegan beauty isn’t what it used to be - in the best way. Clean, high-quality vegan beauty is breaking into the mainstream beauty world and making waves. It’s even changing industry standards, like the Millennials’ overwhelming preference for cruelty-free makeup. A fitness & wellness expert Margaux Lushing joins Just Ask David to answer everything you’ve ever wanted to know about clean beauty. Margaux is the founder of Well + Away, makers of the first hip-healthy guidebook series, even designing hotel programs to cater to green lifestyles. The Green Beauty Business is Booming There was once a time when buying vegan beauty products meant that you were trading in quality for your values. With a limited variety of drab colors and questionable application, it’s not wonder that no one was interested in green beauty products. Margaux points out that high-quality green beauty products were only accessible to anyone who can afford the hundreds of dollars it cost for just an ounce or two of product. Until now. “If you compare even walking through Sephora today to even four years ago, there’s so many brands that are clean” Margaux says. “[There are more brands] that don’t have parabens, that don’t have sulfates, that don’t have crazy dyes, that are vegan, that are cruelty-free. It’s amazing.” “But I think also, there was a period of time where people were just sticking chemicals into everything. And we weren’t asking questions. We didn’t really know anything,” Margaux says. “Once we, as people who buy these things and put them on our body, figured out, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t want that on me,’ I think it’s pretty hard to turn a blind eye once you know what goes into those things.” Be Green Wherever You Go Clean beauty is much more all-encompassing than our traditional beauty practices. It isn’t just about what you put on your body, it’s about what you put in your body, too. When we travel and leave behind our comforts of home, many of us also leave a part of our green routine. It can be hard to find places that accommodate your diet and lifestyle. Margaux says it all comes down to revenue. If there’s money to be made, travel hubs like hotels and airplanes will accommodate your needs. “If you’re spending money on it, they’ll do it. If people are buying an acai bowl at breakfast, if people are buying a green shake at breakfast, their kitchen will make it.” Follow Well + Away on Social Media Interested in learning more about vegan beauty and healthy hospitality? Visit the Well + Away website, and don’t forget to “Like” on Facebook, and follow @wellandaway on Instagram and Twitter!
2018-03-20 04:00:00 UTC

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