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045: Tired of Being Hungover? This Pharmacist Created a Solution 4 You - John Mansour of Drink B4.

John Mansour is a pharmacist that dedicated his life to studying the human body and the vitamins and minerals that keep us ticking. Armed with this knowledge, John created something truly unique: a caffeine-free beverage that energizes for the night and fortifies for the morning known as Drink B4. Along with his business partner and spirits expert, Dave Larue, John is revolutionizing how we fight the aftereffects of drinking.

John is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Healthcare Executive, and Pharmacist with 8 years of experience. He has led both startups and large organizations, and built business strategies within settings such as retail pharmacy, compounding pharmacy, property acquisition, and property management at an executive level. He spent the beginning of his career as a member of Target Corp. working as a pharmacist and then as a consultant for their corporate offices in which he worked on specialty projects for the company. He left Target to open a compounding pharmacy and a toxicology testing lab with his partners in Tampa, Florida. John has now turned his focus onto several new ventures. The newest being a supplement company in the process of establishing a health based, supplement liquid line.

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2018-01-22 09:00:00 UTC

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