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<p>How did Charles Manson become an evil, cunning monster?&nbsp;In&nbsp;August 1969, the world is shocked by the savage murders of movie star Sharon Tate and four others at the sprawling&nbsp;Hollywood Hills&nbsp;estate she shares with film director Roman Polanski. When the&nbsp;following night another couple is&nbsp;brutally slaughtered, panic spreads among Los Angeles&nbsp;residents.&nbsp;Four months later, the mastermind behind these vicious crimes is arrested, and the public learns the name that would haunt it to this day: Charles Manson. But few knew then – or now – the full story behind the making of a mass murderer. In this groundbreaking 6-part series, host Tracy Pattin is joined by internationally acclaimed actor Stephen Lang (<em>Avatar</em>,&nbsp;<em>Don’t Breathe</em>) to take listeners on a unique journey, investigating Manson’s unlikely path from his troubled childhood in rural West Virginia to the night he sent his out his followers to commit the most infamous crime in Hollywood history.</p><p><br></p>

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How to Win Friends and Influence People | 3

In October, 1969, another raid at the Spahn Ranch led to the arrest of a family of hippies tied to a series of crimes. Their leader gave his full name as Manson, Charles M. AKA Jesus Christ, God. One of those arrested, Susan Atkins, told her inmates an unbelievable tale of murder and mayhem. If she were to be believed, “Sexy Sadie,” AKA Sadie Mae Glutz, was one of the Tate, LaBianca and Hinman murderers.

Back in the penitentiary in 1957, Charlie studies Dale Carnegie’s popular self-help book and L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings about Scientology. Charlie will use what he’s learned from them and his fellow inmates in order to become a more successful pimp.

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