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This is The Fairer Cents, a podcast hosted by Tanja Hester of Our Next Life and Kara Perez of Bravely, that's all about the deeper stuff that impacts women, our money and our fight to get equal. This isn't a typical personal finance podcast -- we're not here only to cheer each other on with shallow epithets like "You go, girl!" and leave it at that, or to teach you how to save money at the grocery store. Instead, we want to understand together what we're truly up against, and hear from women whose stories don't often get told. If you're game to get real about money while taking down the patriarchy, then this is the podcast for you. Subscribe now!

The Fairer Cents
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#12 - The Financial Impact of Beauty Double Standards

We’re going deep into the girliest of topics: beauty. And we’re tackling it all: makeup, clothes, hair, weight, class, and the different standards for people of color. But most of all, how all those things affect our money, both our ability to earn it, and how much we can actually earn in the end. With our guests Sanetra, a model, and Amanda Holden, who writes the Dumpster Dog Blog, we look into the – no joke – HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS that beauty will cost many women in the course of their careers, both from the direct cost of looking a certain way, and from the lost earnings we get as a reward for all that effort. Oh, and did you know there's a fat wage gap, too? There sure is! 

2018-06-13 11:26:57 UTC

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