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Exploding the myths surrounding gun control

The Parkland school shooting could not have been stopped by armed teachers, or combative students, as many NRA supporters suggest. Joy Reid and her panel detail why. Plus: Donald Trump has used the Parkland shooting victims to deflect from the Russia investigation, many critics say about his recent tweet. Joy Reid and her panel discuss the resultant uproar. In media news: LeBron James tells Laura Ingraham ‘we will not shut up and dribble’ after the FOX News host, who often interviews D-list celebrities on political topics, insisted that James should not critique Donald Trump. Joy Reid and her panel discuss Ingraham’s apparent ignorance of the tradition of athletes taking a stand. On the Russiagate front: Donald Trump early Sunday hurled tweets at Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Adam Schiff, in addition to criticizing the Russia probe. Joy Reid and her panel on why the president may be on the edge. In culture news: Barack and Michelle Obama’s controversial official portraits have sparked debate, but Joy Reid’s guest shares how they may teach America to see African-Americans and the Obamas' legacy in a new way. And ending on a high note: The ‘Black Panther’ movie is breaking opening weekend records, paving the way for black creators to revolutionize the comic book and superhero genres. Actor, writer, and producer Erika Alexander joins Joy Reid to discuss her new project, ‘Concrete Park.’

2018-02-18 22:33:46 UTC

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